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Mike Kaercher Mike Kaercher, Senior Vice President

Mike has been actively involved in the Anchorage building industry for more than 26 years. His favorite part of a remodeling job is the unveiling. He knows no project is complete without seeing the clients’ excitement and knowing that he and his team exceeded their expectations.

Mike is a licensed general contractor with residential certification and also holds certifications in Advanced Kitchen Design.

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>> Did you know? Mike loves to play hockey and golf – although he gets the distinct impression that golf doesn’t return the love.

Anthony Kaercher Anthony Kaercher, Vice President

For more than 21 years Anthony Kaercher has helped people transform houses into homes. His ideal project involves working with clients from start to finish, transforming and personalizing the room or house into one they really love. Although Anthony enjoys working on complete remodels, he also specializes in updating kitchens and bathrooms.

Anthony is a licensed general contractor with residential endorsements. He has also taken classes in Advanced Cold Climate Home Building Techniques.

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>> Did you know? Anthony may love updating and remodeling homes, but he also appreciates original, vintage work. He owns a 1940 Ford pickup truck that he enjoys driving and showing off.

Angela Irish, Design Consultant/Accounting Assistant Angela Irish, Design Consultant/Accounting Assistant

Angela has been a vital component of K&W operations since 2006. She wears multiple hats at the company – from helping new home buyers plan their dream interiors to assisting with the financial side of the business. But her favorite hat to wear is when she works with out-of-state military families, helping them decorate their homes. She knows the design selections they make will influence their stay in Alaska.

She holds a degree in accounting from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is currently working toward receiving her Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer (AKBD) certification. Since many of Angela’s family members also work at K&W, she said she feels "blessed" to work in such a family-friendly environment.

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>> Did you know? Angela’s love of design branches into her everyday life. She loves art, photography, architecture and good piece of jazz.

Brittania Zimmerman, Design/Sales Associate Brittania Zimmerman, Design Consultant/Sales Associate

Brittania has worked at K&W for more than 10 years and is one of K&W’s top design consultants. Her specialty is breaking down the design process – from reviewing budgets and design expectations to selecting and pairing materials.

Always up for a challenge, Brittania savors the uniqueness of each project and always goes the extra mile for her clients. She also knows designing a home means getting to know the clients and imparting their personality into every aspect of the home.

Brittania received the Designing with Color certification from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

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>> Did you know? Brittania is a client as well as an employee. She’s building a house and designed the layout herself. Many of her ideas stemmed from the constant sketching she does at K&W.

Faith Kaercher, Design/Sales Associate Faith Kaercher, Design/Sales Associate

Faith has attended national kitchen, bath and flooring conventions from Chicago to Las Vegas, giving her first-hand knowledge of up-and-coming design trends. She has been with K&W for nearly a decade and enjoys working with the company’s diverse clientele and helping turn dream homes into reality.

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>> Did you know? In addition to traveling the U.S., Faith has lived in France and worked on a vineyard.

Judy Rusch, Projects Manager/Accounting Judy Rusch, Projects Manager/Accounting

Judy has been with K&W for 13 years. In her role as Projects Manager, she works closely with designers and installers to make sure projects are completed on time, on target and on budget. Judy says the most gratifying part of her job is seeing repeat customers and knowing she contributed to a job well done.

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>> Did you know? Judy tempers her love of the great indoors with time spent in the great outdoors – she counts snowshoeing, ice fishing and camping among her favorite activities.

Julie Dubbins, CKD, Certified Kitchen Designer/Interior Designer Julie Dubbins, Certified Kitchen Designer/Interior Designer

Julie is always willing to take on tough design challenges – from cabinet layouts to tile designs. A National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)-Certified Kitchen Designer (CDK), Julie has also served as the NKBA-Alaska chapter secretary for the past three years.

Julie has been with K&W for more than 15 years. She enjoys seeing clients she worked with years ago when they were building new homes now returning to remodel and update.

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>> Did you know? Julie spends her free time camping, biking and gardening, and has been a certified Master Gardner since 1988.

Larry Schneibel, Projects Supervisor Larry Schneibel, Projects Supervisor

Larry is the "go-to" guy for remodeling at K&W. With over 40 years of contracting experience and 13 years at K&W, Larry heads up the remodeling division and works closely with clients, designers and installers. Larry also holds a residential endorsement.

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>> Did you know? Larry and his wife have been married 42 years. In his free time, he enjoys gardening.

Michelle Graves Michelle Graves, Design Consultant/Sales Associate

Clients can quickly feel overwhelmed when it comes to the limitless options during remodeling. Michelle specializes in helping clients take their projects one step at a time and helping them whittle down all their choices. She knows this is an instrumental aspect of bringing to life the client’s vision.

Michelle has earned associate degrees in drafting and design, along with applied science.

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>> Did you know? Michelle knows no race can be won without taking it step by step – or, in her case, stroke by stroke. She swam and rowed competitively for the University of Tennessee.

Fernanda Conrad Fernanda Conrad, Design Consultant/Sales Associate

Fernanda knows design is a collaborative process. She works closely with clients to combine their original vision with a variety of styles to offer them surprising results. Design is also about combining functionality with beauty, which Fernanda finds in her everyday surroundings.

Fernanda earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in management and marketing.

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>> Did you know? Fernanda appreciates the functionality and beauty in every cup of coffee.

Shereé Baker Shereé Baker, Design Consultant/Sales Associate

Many homeowners seek environmentally friendly design options – and Shereé is the ultimate resource. She loves to incorporate earth-friendly elements into the overall design of a home. She also keeps updated with all the products that come from renewable resources or recycled materials.

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>> Did you know? Shereé may love to make homes "green," but she has a dog named Blue. She also has many creative outlets, including professional belly dancing and as a costume designer.

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